Get Started as a First-Time Investor

You know that nagging feeling you keep brushing away? It’s your financial future knocking the very thing you need to get on top of before it’s too late.

Stop us if that sounds scary, but there’s really nothing to be worried about – and nothing to stop you from starting small as a first-time investor. After all, from small seeds grow big trees, and it takes time to build strong roots. Fortunately, time is on your side!

A big part of the fear factor is the short-term uncertainty (and pain) involved in parting with your hard-earned cash. Investing is often associated with risk, but most people don’t realise that investing is not the same as gambling – you can still get decent returns without throwing caution (and good sense) out of the window.

Playing it Safe

Like most sensible people you probably keep your money in the bank – most likely in a current account. You might not have a savings account, but if you do earn any interest it’s likely to be pocket change at most.

You’ve not spared much thought for personal finance and tended to play it safe until now. But you’d like to do more with your income and you don’t have time to wade through a swamp of jargon and sky-high fees.

Or so you think… In fact, you can start investing in stocks and shares today, thanks to tillio.

There’s no gamble to worry about and nothing to lose sleep over. You don’t need to be a gazillionaire to invest, you don’t need to act like the Wolf of Wall Street and you don’t need to worry about learning all the lingo – like “exchange traded funds”, “bids and asks”, “market caps” and “alpha returns”. Leave that to us.

How to Invest With Little Money

Before you consider specific types of investment, it might help to define what investing actually is. The goal of investing is to grow your wealth over time – not fritter it away on risky ventures.

By opening an investment account, you’re putting your money into something tangible with the aim of generating a return on it over the long term.

You can invest in almost anything – from things you’re likely to have already heard of, such as stocks, bonds, real estate or commodities – to more esoteric items, such as vintage cars, wine or art.

Investing on a shoestring budget doesn’t have to be difficult. If you have small amounts of money set aside you can open an account, make an initial deposit and get started with a low minimum investment.

Don’t Get Hit With High Fees

Say you’ve found a type of share you want to buy or a company you want to invest in. If you go the traditional route through a stockbroker, you could end up parting with a big chunk of cash just to buy and sell shares – one popular broker charges a minimum of £20 for every trade you make.

That soon mounts up.

You don’t need to worry about any of that with tillio. We provide a range of stocks to invest in all within one simple click and remove the kind of barriers that have made investment an elitist club. 

No more paying sky-high fees to invest in the stock market. Instead, tiilio provides a basket of stocks to invest in, for a fraction of the cost.

Get Someone Else to Do the Hard Work

You don’t have to spend hours researching areas of interest to invest in and what stocks to buy. 

Choose a trend or theme of interest that you care about, such as renewable energy, artificial intelligence or electric vehicles.

Our platform will create a basket of stocks for you based on that theme. All you need to do is invest your money and we take care of the rest. No further time or knowledge is required to do company research – our platform will select the companies most exposed to that theme.

You could invest in something that changes the world – starting with small, regular investments.

Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket

There’s a lot of truth to that saying when you invest with tiilio. By not putting all your eggs in one basket, your investment gets spread more widely. In fact, you can put your eggs in as many baskets as you want.

If you’ve got the time to do the market research yourself, that’s great – if not, that’s where tillio comes in. 

Tell us what areas you’re interested in investing in, and we’ll ensure you get a portfolio of stocks, rather than just relying on returns from one company.

More diversification means more chances of growing your money.

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